Glossary W-Z

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Wash – A translucent or transparent layer of color, especially in watercolors.

Watercolor – A type of paint that is made with pigment, Gum Arabic and other materials that come in a cake, pan or tube. Watercolors that are in cake form must use water in order to work. You can use watercolors without thinning straight from the tube, although this is not recommended due to potential cracking.

Wet-into-Wet – A painting technique that blends and mixes wet pigment into wet pigment, without first mixing on a palette.

Winsor & Newton – Art material manufacturer in England founded in 1832 by a scientist, William Winsor and an artist, Henry Newton. But it took another 50 years before the company was officially established in 1881. Well known for creating a sable brush fit for Queen Victoria, Winsor & Newton perfected watercolor pans, and patented the metal screw top paint tube.