Acrylic paints Many people, including myself were wooed into acrylics due to its water-based vehicle, and easy clean up thinking it is easier to work with than most other paints. Some say watercolors are the most difficult medium to master. But in reality, the most difficult  medium to master  is whatever you decide to work … Continue reading Acrylics

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom by Anawanitia Available Title: Ancient WisdomArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: AcrylicsSize: 8 inches by 10 inchesSupport: 140lb. watercolor paperNot framed This original painting is a bit more whimsical than my other paintings. It is an inspirational piece that depicts the ocean of possibility on parchment paper. It has the constellation Ursa Minor also known as The … Continue reading Ancient Wisdom


An beloved old sewing box with acrylics. Acrylic paints. If there ever was a medium, this is it. If you only have a budget to get one type of paint, and you have many ideas, painting with acrylics are for you. You can paint photo realism, impressionistic, abstract, or whatever else your heart desires. You … Continue reading Acrylics

What is the Difference Between Liquitex and Golden Acrylics?

Liquitex Vs Golden Acrylics Products from Liquitex and Golden Acrylics. Acrylics are one of the newest artist materials on the market. They were invented in 1933 by Henry Levison of Cincinnati, Ohio, at the time, his business was called Permanent Pigments, and the acrylics were solvent-based. It wasn’t until 1955 that the plastic-like acrylic formulation … Continue reading What is the Difference Between Liquitex and Golden Acrylics?

Study of Light

Study of Light Playing around with geometric shapes and light, glazing techniques and color schemes. It is a pleasant painting. Title: Study of LightArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: AcrylicSize: 8x10”Support: Canvas sheet Unframed. Thank you for supporting a working artist. If you have any questions please contact me, I am friendly! 😁


Sold Vibrantly painted with oranges, yellows and golds, and contrasting a beautiful turquoise bayou, let this whimsical little dragonfly fly into your home today! Title: Dragonfly Artist: Anawanitia Medium: Acrylic Size: 8 inches by 10 inches Framed: Unframed Thank you for your interest in my artwork and supporting a working artist. - Tia