This is an original oil painting of an adorable orange butterfly called a Skipper, with a pinkish purple hibiscus flower by artist, Anawanitia.  Auction Title: Adorable Skipper ButterflyArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 12 inches by 9 inchesSupport: Stretched CanvasDate Completed: August 31, 2020

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly oil painting by Anawanitia

Blue Dragonfly, original oil painting by Anawanitia Available Title: Blue DragonflyArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 9 inches by 12 inchesSupport: Stretched canvasDate Completed: July 15, 2020 This painting has painted sides in chestnut brown. It does not need to be framed.

Seashell Oil Painting

Still life oil painting of a Seashell by Anawanitia Available Title: SeashellArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 8 inches by 6 inchesDate completed: June 26, 2020Not Framed This is an original painting by Anawanitia, created with professional artist's oil colors on a canvas panel. Thank you for watching!

Soda Pop

Original oil painting by Anawanitia, Soda Pop Available This is an original painting by artist, Anawanitia. It is created with professional artist’s colors on canvas panel. Matte sheen, not framed. It will be dry and ready to ship by the end of this auction.  Title: Soda PopArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 8 inches by 6 inchesSupport: Canvas … Continue reading Soda Pop

Clamshell With Starfish

Clamshell and Starfish, oil painting by Anawanitia Available Title: Clamshell with StarfishArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 6 inches by 8 inchesSupport: Canvas PanelNot Framed

Lucky Llama

Lucky Llama by Anawanitia Available This is an original oil painting called Lucky Llama by Anawanitia. It is part of the Little Treasures series. These are small works at 6 inches by 8 inches on canvas panel. This painting is available. Title: Lucky Llama Artist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSupport: Canvas PanelSize: 6 inches by 8 inchesnot framed … Continue reading Lucky Llama

Fading Memories

Fading Memories, oil painting by Anawanitia Sold Fading Memories was inspired by all of the old media that I have laying around the living room. This still life features these memories are too old to use again, too old to find the platforms for or just a fading memory. The iPhone is current, but that … Continue reading Fading Memories