Sap Green Paint Tube Oil Painting

Available Title: Sap GreenArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: Oil paintSize: 6"x8"Support: Canvas panelDate completed: April 1, 2020 Ironically, I've never owned a tube of Sap green before. It just looks like sap green to me. You can get this painting at my eBay store.


Entwined, oil painting by Anawanitia. Title: EntwinedArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSupport: Stretched CanvasSize: 18x24Date Completed: April 4, 2019Framed: unframed Entwined is about the duality of nature. Both snakes are equally beautiful, but one is friendly and the other, deadly. The sacred geometry of a rose also represents duality. The rose is fragrant and pleasant to look at, … Continue reading Entwined

Red Sweet Pepper

Red Sweet Pepper by Anawanitia. Oil on canvas panel. Sold Title: Red Sweet PepperArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 7x5 inchesSupport: Canvas PanelDate Completed: March 3, 2020Not Framed About the painting This is an original oil painting of a red sweet pepper. The painting is created on a sturdy small canvas panel. The size is 7 inches by … Continue reading Red Sweet Pepper

Art Adventure – The Griffin

Griffin by Anawanitia. Oil on 9”x12” canvas. Available Title: The GriffinArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 9x12”Support: Stretched canvasDate Completed: April 20, 2020Not Framed The Griffin is an original oil painting by Anawanitia. The painting is 9 inches by 12 inches on  stretched canvas. The sides are painted, therefore no framing is necessary.  The stories describe the griffin as … Continue reading Art Adventure – The Griffin

Over Cannon Beach

Over Cannon Beach, oil painting by Anawanitia Available Title: Over Cannon Beach, OregonArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 8 inches by 6 inches on canvas panelNot framed This is an original oil painting by Anawanitia. She had visited the beaches of the West Coast many times and has painted many pictures from her journeys. This particular image is … Continue reading Over Cannon Beach

All Tuned Up

All Tuned Up, oil painting by Anawanitia Available Title: All Tuned UpArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSupport: 4 inches by 6 inches on Canvas PanelDate completed: Jan. 24, 2020Not framed This is an original oil painting completed on January 24, 2020 by the artist, Anawanitia. This guitar was inspired by the artist's Spanish-made classical guitar. Nothing is more … Continue reading All Tuned Up

Bogart The Hummingbird Oil Painting

Title: Bogart the HummingbirdArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 9x12 inchesSupport: Stretched CanvasCompleted: July 26, 2019 Bogart is a little hummingbird that is a permanent resident of our backyard, along with his family. We named him Bogart because he keeps all other families of hummingbirds away from the two hummingbird feeders. When he or his family are hungry … Continue reading Bogart The Hummingbird Oil Painting